Cold Morning-thank you starter

Nice Fire on a Cold Morning

Cold Morning, Damp Wood! 


Cold mountain morning and the wood is damp means a smokey fire.  Our Firestarter has a powerful flame to get the wood going quick.  Something about that chilling cold after a freezing night.  Seems like I can stand the cold morning on my face and nose, but as soon as my hands, neck and feet get exposed to the cold morning it gets uncomfortable quick.  So hard to get warm after getting that bone chilling cold from such a cold morning.  Used to sit by the fire on cold mornings poking and prodding until the flames take off.  Now I put two(2) sticks under the wood pile light, light the ends and jump back in the sack until that fire is putting out some real heat.

Good Fire-come back out and fire up the stove for some great coffee.  Now my attention diverts to my next issue.  My granola and powdered milk is getting old-don’t enjoy it quite as much as I used to enjoy it.  If somebody gives me a tip I will be sure to share.

Happy Trails

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