Grilling Steak


Grilling Steak

My answer to a request concerning how to cook an excellent steak – Everybody has their own preference and I will share mine.

Many more elements to cooking the best steak than temperature and turning it over on the grill.

Most of the steaks I see going bad are 1) because of the procedure handling the steak and 2) the cooking of the steak.

My favorite steak is a Ribeye and I like to stick with meat from two (2) local grocers.  It seems the smaller independent store or chains do an excellent job of maintaining a quality supply chain of prime meat.  The highest grade of meat (Prime) is marked with a purple shield stamp.  The next grade after prime is Choice and often bears a brand name.  Select is the lowest grade and usually has a house brand name.  A “Prime” grade rib-eye should be compact dense meat with a heavy outer layer of firm fat.  The lean will have plenty of marbling and the color will be pink to deep red, but the color should remain consistent throughout the steak.



Do not poke the steak with a fork or a knife.  In my opinion more damage is done to a steak trying to inject marinade than leaving the steak alone.  I do like some marinade on my steak, but not much-I like the flavor of the steak! Do not poke the steak with a fork or knife. In my opinion more damage is done to a steak trying to inject marinade than leaving the steak alone.  The shrinkage, discoloration and toughness from the loss of juices is not worth tasting some crazy marinade.  Rib Eye on it’s own is good.

The grill should be hot and the steak room temperature.  Lump Charcoal is the best because it burns hotter than briquettes and has less moisture than gas.  The dry heat really sears the juices into the steak.  Keep the grill shut when cooking the steak, the lid holds and reflects the heat into the steak.  Let the steak cook.

A done steak.  Feel the steak with tongs before it goes on the grill and after a few minutes-I usually wait 3-1/2 minutes feel it again.  Steak should be firmer and release from the hot grill.  Another couple minutes on the other side and then feel the steak.  A rare steak is soft, a medium steak is firm but gives a little and I don’t  know what to say about a well-done steak other than, ugh! When the steak is harvested or pulled off the grill it will continue to cook on the plate-especially if you put hot ones on top of it.  Mine usually rest for 5 minutes and then they don’t don’t last long when they hit the table!


  • Don’t poke holes in the steak
  • Use a hot grill-Lump Charcoal is the best
  • Don’t over cook


The best steaks will come with experience, stick with it!  You’ll be glad you did.

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