Charcoal Starter


Solid Wood Charcoal Starter

  • made from solid wood
  • safe & easy to use
  • quick ignition
  • leaves coals behind
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Charcoal Starter

One package of Hardwood Charcoal Starter is enough to light 20-30 charcoal fires.  Solid wood firestarter gets Charcoal lit fast and easy.  These solid wood firestarters do not stink like lighter pine because they are made from Oak.

It makes good sense to use a Charcoal Starter made from solid wood to light your Lump Charcoal.  FiddleSticks Charcoal Starter is made from solid wood just like lump charcoal.  Made from solid oak harvested in the U.S.A.

Put a couple pieces in the Charcoal Pile and light the bottom edge of the starter.  Fire will travel up the Starter and get the charcoal pile ready to cook.

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