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Expandable Plank

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Expandable Plank doubles in size

Expandable Plank

  • More Cooking Area
  • More Wood Surface=More Flavor
  • Mix and Match Wood Flavors
  • Use Multiple Times
  • Resealable Clearzip Soaking Bag


The Expandable Plank provides a larger surface area for cooking, keeping food on the plank and off the grill.  Plank cooking is an easy way to grill on either Charcoal or Gas Grills.  Grilling Sticks in the Expandable Plank have twice the surface area of solid board planks creating more capacity to infuse food with flavor.


Product Description

Expandable Grilling Plank is Charred on Coals

Get Gourmet Taste with  Less Salt, Oil & Sauce.  

Expandable Plank loaded with Grilling Sticks will impart delicious flavors to food.

Expandable Grilling Plank doubles in size for more room to grill foods.

Extra space ends frustration of trying to fit it all on a plank.

Modular Grilling Sticks in the Expandable Plank has more surface area than solid planka and produce twice the smoke.

The smoke permeates through, between and around each Grilling Stick inside the Expandable Plank  to infuse maximum flavor into food.

One(1″) thick Grilling Sticks will not burn up quickly, making it easy to plank food.  Use More Than Once.

Soaking Grilling sticks for the Expandable Plank


The Clearzip Lock Top Bag is RESEALABLE.

The Resealable Bag Makes It Easy to Soak  Grilling Sticks in different Fruit Juices, Marinades, Vinaigrettes and Beverages.

Want something new Try Soaking Grilling Sticks with Herbs-then add herbs to Expandable Plank with the Food.  


Size of the Grilling sticks make it Easy to Store Plank Smoking Wood in the refrigerator or freezer for a long time.  Add favorite beverage or juice-marinate for a week or year-then add to the grill-ready to go in a few minutes on a hot charcoal or gas fire.

Five(5) Flavors of Grilling Sticks are Available for the Expandable Plank.  If you have a favorite flavor-send us a request and we will try to accomodate.  Grilling Sticks impart a delicious smoky flavor to food.  Food prepared on Grilling Sticks retains moisture during cooking.

Alder-Grilling-Sticks for Expandable Plank


Alder is extremely aromatic and pleasing to smell.  Light Sweet Flavor is not overpowering.  Many claim to taste a hint of vanilla.  Whether cooking Copper River Salmon or fresh caught Red Fish from the gulf-Alder is our favorite for Fish.  Cauliflower, Mushrooms, Asparagus or Peaches-this robust but delicate wood will impart a delicious smoky flavor to food when used with the Expandable Plank.

Oak-Grilling-Sticks for Expandable Plank


Oak.  Hickory may be the “King of BBQ” but Oak is the “Queen of the Grill”.  Oak Grilling Sticks Will Impart a Real Charcoal Taste In Food From the Gas Grill.  Food cooked on the Charred side of Oak Grilling Sticks in the Expandable Plank Taste like it just came off a bed of Natural Lump Charcoal.   Lay a Strip, Filet or a “Cowboy Cut Ribeye” on the Charred Side of Fiddlesticks Oak Grilling Sticks and get the Flavor of Lump Charcoal infused into your favorite food.

Cherry-Grilling-Sticks for Expandable Plank


Cherry Tastes So Clean  and Distinct.  No mistaking Cherry for another flavor.  Sweet Fruity Smoke gives a rosy darker tint to Meats.  Everything we have found goes with Cherry.  Thick Cherry Grilling Sticks adds incredible flavor to pork and chicken without adding sodium, oil or calories.  One inch thick Cherry Grilling Sticks in the Expandable Plank  keep moisture in food and make it easy to grill boneless chicken and pork.


Hickory-Grilling-Sticks for the Expandable Plank


Hickory is the “king of BBQ”.  Hickory is the most popular smoking wood used in BBQ.  The strong flavor is often identified with Bacon and Ham.  Cheese, Fruit, Vegetables retain moisture and are infused with the rich flavor of Hickory Grilling sticks.  Hickory Grilling Sticks Flavor pairs well with foods high in sugar.  Hickory is so versatile and is often mixed with Oak and/or Cherry inside the Expandable Plank.

Maple-Grilling-Sticks for the Expandable Plank


Maple Grilling Sticks has a sweet flavor.  The subtle taste of Maple enhances the flavor of food.  Maple Grilling Sticks are the favorite of Greg Shelton, the famous backyard smoker from Dadeville, Alabama.  Several times a year a pile of folks come from all around to taste Greg’s delicacies from his Expandable Plank on a ceramic smoker right there in his backyard.


More Flavor with Grilling Sticks in Expandable Plank

The Fiddlesticks Expandable Plank and Grilling Sticks infuse Food with so much flavor because of all the surface area.

The picture at right shows the smoke from Fiddlesticks Grilling Sticks permeating through the Expandable Plank.

Expandable from 8×8″ to 8×16″ the Expandable Plank has enough room to cook a meal.

Soak Grilling Sticks in favorite juice, beverage or marinade.  Add the Grilling Sticks to the Expandable Frame.  Char the Flavored Wood in the Expandable Frame.  Add food to the Charred Side and infuse with delicious flavors.


FAQ:  Plank Cooking


2 reviews for Expandable Plank

  1. 5 out of 5


    Alder is the best. I take folks fishing at my fishcamp in LA and love to prepare fresh fish on Alder Grilling Sticks in the Expandable Frame. Whole filets fit when the Expandable Frame is filled up with Alder Sticks. There is still room for bell pepper and onion on the plank.

    A lot of times my friends bring kids that don’t like fish to my camp. After trying some Redfish and Speckled Trout on the Alder grilling sticks the kids are standing by the grill waiting for more to come off the plank.

    You have got a hit here. I recommend the expandable plank to everyone.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I don’t have to worry about overcooking chicken and fish with the expandable plank because it is very forgiving. My food stays juicy and the plank expands to a large enough surface to cook enough for all three of my growing boys and beautiful wife.

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