Weather is Breaking! Beat the Winter Time Depression

Firepits fell so good

Beat winter time depression

Weather is breaking!  The dreary days of winter are passing.   How appropriate for the winter time blues to be named (SAD) seasonal affective disorder.  A lot of us feel it during the same time of the year starting the fall or into winter-after football and possibly the Holidays.  Vacation is used up and it is too cold to do squat.  If you feel like all of your energy is sapped or maybe just moody-don’t just brush it off like it is some kind of funk.  Get a good outdoor fire going in the firepit or chimenea.  The light and warmth is some good (phototherapy) and there is something about the dancing flames and the warmth that resets attitudes.

The domestic hearth-fire has been the center of family activity for centuries.  Cooking, eating and great conversation comes so easy around the fire at the end of a long week.  When we light a fire, we are making a commitment to ourselves and maybe our family-you are going to leave it unattended, so everyone knows you are making time to relax and enjoy the outdoors.  And this is probably why it is so inviting.

Light a fire, commit to spend some time with great people-or the people you’ve got and shake off those winter time blues. Spring is here and get fired up for summertime fun.

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