Lump Charcoal Tastes Best

Lump Charcoal Tastes Best

The difference between All Natural Lump Charcoal and the bag of briquettes is remarkable.

The only ingredient in our all natural lump charcoal is Real Hardwood.  Lump is prepared in a kiln, the process heats the wood while starving the fire for oxygen.  When the wood gets around 486 degrees Fahrenheit the wood releases volatile organic compounds(VOC) gases.  The gases are captured and burned to keep the temperature going.  The VOC burns up and the pure carbon structure of the wood is left in the kiln.  When you light a lump in your grill it doesn’t take long to get the fire started and there is hardly any smoke or ash left behind.  Lump Charcoal is the same charcoal used in water filters to take out the impurities and in some air fresheners to filter out stink.

Most of the briquettes manufactured for grilling are made with wood char some fines from charcoal, lignite coal high in sulfur content, limestone, starch to bind the ingredients, borax, sodium nitrate and sawdust to help it light. The reason there is so much smoke is because the chemicals are burning off from the charcoal.  The smoke is the actual chemical particles condensing in the air, as the particles meet with cooler air they form very small droplets as they condense.

If you haven’t tried Lump Charcoal give it a shot.  Food tastes great with real charcoal.

Smell Better and Taste Better.