Providing you with quality Firewood, Lump Charcoal, Cooking Wood, and Starters

We value our client's choice to use Fiddlesticks Wood Products.

About Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks is family owned and operated business.  Located in the "Magic City", Birmingham, Alabama.  The company was founded in the 90s with the development of the solid wood firestarter.  Twenty years and three locations later the firestarter business has branched into firewood, cooking woods and lump charcoal.  The family still works the business to make sure each batch of products is of the highest quality. 

 -We use wood ourselves and we value our client's choice to use Fiddlesticks Wood Products. 

 -We value our forests.  Alabama has 22.0 million acres of timberland, accounting for 68% of the total land area.  Oak and Hickory account for 31% of timberland.  Fiddlesticks Firestarter began out of the family's commitment to optimize available resources and to promote environmentally and economically sound principles.  

 We strive to use pre-consumer content in our products.  Pre-Consumer Recycling is the movement of material from a finished or partially finished product backwards in to the production chain.  Our materials are sourced from the point of harvest or at the beginning of the production before the introduction of any chemicals.  Sustainability and the promise of industrial ecology are well served when materials are diverted from landfills to new purposes.   

 Fiddlestick's products are manufactured in the state of Alabama, in the Southeastern United States.  The manufacturing facilities adhere to a high safety and environmental standard.  We value our team and the place where we work and live. 

 We value our Client's choice to select and use our products and we seek to: 

-Produce useful products that are fun to use 

-Provide stable employment for local workers 

-Reduce clogging of landfills