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Free Shipping on all Products

Hickory Smoking Chunks


Each box of Hickory Chunks is cut and shipped green to provide you with the maximum flavor.  Wood contains “Bound” water in the cells and “Free” water between the cells.  When dried the water in the cell is lost and so is a range of tastes.  Authentic Barbeque establishments and experts demand green wood.   Fiddlesticks Green Hickory Chunks enhance the flavor of food no matter the fuel source you choose.  The appeal of Green Hickory smoke is so appealing that many foods are flavored artificially to taste smoky—no need for any artificial flavorings. These Green Hickory Chunks are the real thing.  Chunks do not contain any artificial flavors, extra salt or calories just flavor.


• “Green” Unseasoned Wood

• No Need to Soak

• More Flavor and Long Burn